A Handful of Seeds for Lent

Keep the fast.

Reclaim silence by taking a break from virtual ‘voices’ – even Orthodox ones (TV, news, social media, games, podcasts, etc.)

Read a chapter of the Gospels every day [for the rest of your life].

Prepare and come to make confession.

Prepare and receive Holy Communion.

Pray in the morning and the evening every day. 

Add the prayer of St Ephraim to your prayers.

Go without and use the spare resources to give something to someone else.

Delete all truly unnecessary apps from your phone for 40 days. 

Prioritize going to services to pray.

Go through the closet or drawers or house and give away what is unnecessary.

Give time just listening to someone who needs to talk.

Keep the fast.

Help someone.

Help them again.

Don’t engage thoughts of the inner monologue—especially of fear, anger, judgment, jealousy, selfishness, suspicion, etc.

Read the lives of the saints.

Clean your icon corner.

Read a little bit from the Scriptures and/or a spiritual book each day.

Meet the material needs (give alms) of someone you know is in need.

Set aside unnecessary appointments or engagements.

Offer to Christ each day a small gift from the heart: a small action or abstention that is done specifically, and secretly if possible, for his sake only.

Keep the fast.